County Closings
The Rusk County Tax Office is closed on most major holidays.

2023 Holiday Schedule

Pay Online with Your Credit Card!
You can now pay your taxes on-line through our website. Simply click the link on the property screen that says "Pay Taxes Online" search for your property to make your payment. Your payment will then be reflected on your tax account within 48-72 hours. Once your payment is completed, please print your confirmation receipt for proof of payment

Past Due Taxes? Contact Us
Do you currently have past due taxes on your property? Have you received a letter from a company offering you a property tax loan? What should you do? The answer is simple. Contact the Rusk County Tax office and speak to us about a payment plan for your taxes. This will (in most cases) stop any pending seizure of your property or suit filed against you. Property Tax Loans are also not a good thing. Often times having higher interest rates, and taking priority over your current mortgage. Failure to repay your property tax loan can often times result in the loss of your property.




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